Sunday, February 18, 2024

Blue redux and Lavender


I revised the blue block. I didn't like the two big light blocks in the middle.

I decided to shuffle around some artwork and the drawing I wanted to hang had slipped out of the mat and needed to be repaired. I brought it to the frame shop on Saturday, before I drove to pick up my sewing machine from the Sewing Machine Spa. As I walked out the door a framed print on the wall caught my attention. It was tall and thin and lovely. I thought I'd get it if I could figure out where to hang it, and said as much to the owner.

Two blocks away I figured out where I would hang it, but I kept on to Boscawen to pick my sewing machine. I didn't even drive home, I went straight to the framing shop and bought the print, got home and hung it up.

I'm really happy with it.

Then I made a lavender block. I like this too.


Cherie Moore said...

It must be a subtle change because I can’t see any difference in your two posted blue block pictures. Your new print looks wonderful against your wall….but I’m sure you were confident the colors would work….you have such an amazing sense of color.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Loving these light-toned blocks! And your print really is perfect for that spot.

Nancy J said...

A good idea to go back, otherwise another person might have thought the same. Perfect spot.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Love the blocks, such wonderful clear values. My son made some skinny paintings and cherry frames and I got one for Valentine's Day, almost the proportion of your print.