2023 Quilts

This is Not Paper Pieced, a quilt I made to try to convince viewers that my quilts are not paper pieced. The birds are my liberated pieced birds, the letters are improvisational pieced as well. I started this a few years ago and only got it done at the end of 2023.

This is River of Light, based on the Rail Fence from Sujata Shah's book Cultural Fusion Quilts.
This is Greensleeves, a Yellow Ribbons version of one my Zebra quilts.
This is Black Abacus, a Scrap Slab quilt.
This is Fourth of July, a variation of a Zebra quilt.

This is PRIZM, another Yellow Ribbons variation of the Zebra quilts.
This is Yakkety Yak, again from my birds. These birds take advantage of all the variations in the tutorial - making them bigger, smaller, taller and fatter. I deliberately made birds that looked like they were related to each other. 
This is Larkspur, a pink barn based on a real barn in Hampton Falls NH. 

This is Crowing About It. All the birds are based on my Liberated Birds tutorial, but these were made by students, and the variations are all of their own design.

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Taivahalla said...

They're all so colorful and beautiful. My favorites are the zebra quilts. Thanks for posting