The quilts I call "Zebras"  started as a way of using leftover strips sets cut into long triangles and then resewn together.

 This is the "Parade of Zebras" and it was made from scraps and what was already in my stash.

I like to take "beauty shots" of my quilts, and this one with my granddaughter fits the bill!

The "Golden Zebras" is exactly the same block arrangement as the first quilt, it's just the arrangement of the fabrics that is different.

What makes the green "Jealousy" quilt different is the arrangement of light and dark greens. The top half of this quilt has the same block placement as the other two, but the bottom half has been rotated 180 degrees,

This is Firebird, yet another variation.

This is Tutti Frutti, and the blocks are arranged the same as the Golden Zebras, but the colors are brights with a creamish light.

This is Aquamarine, and in this quilt the blocks are arranged the same way as the green Jealousy quilt (above) but all the center diamonds are blue surrounded by lights.


This is Yellow Ribbons.

This is Greensleeves, similar to Yellow Ribbons.

This is PRIZM, another variation of the Ribbons Zebra Quilt.


QuiddityRox said...

I look forward to your tutorial. This really captured my attention. I loved the yellow book/mother picture you posted too.

Linda said...

Yes, I am waiting anxiously for the tutorial.I keep popping in to see if it is here.

Marian said...

I’m working on a zebra quilt now. Was wondering what the size is of yours? Love the design!