Lynne Tyler Quilts 2018

Sparkling Winkel, 2017 - 2018
This is a Scrap Slabs quilt I made based on my granddaughter's toy. It's a scrap slab quilt, and if you want to make one, you can buy my tutorial here.

Wavelength, 2018
 This is another Scrap Slab quilt. In this quilt I arranged the white and black "side" triangles here to look like they were "waving", flipping forward and then sinking back to suggest three dimensional boxes.

Tickled Pink, 2018
 I wanted a quilt to use as a table cover for the month of July. Since July is my birth month, I decided to make a quilt in PINK, one of my favorite colors.

Dairy Cream With Sprinkles, 2018
The pink diamond quilt wasn't without challenges. I made Dairy Cream With Sprinkles using a lot of the leftover pieces.

Glorious, 2018, a collaboration quilt with Julie Sefton
 Julie and I decided to make a collaborative Diamond quilt, and the result was this quilt, designed to suggest Spring. We call it Glorious.

The Holiday Quilt, 2017-2018
 I'd always wanted to make a Holiday quilt, and I finally did it using free pieced letters and my free pieced birds.

This scrappy quilt is a mini version of my Slashed Squares quilts. These blocks are seven inches square. You can get a tutorial to make the Slashed Squares quilts here, on my Etsy shop. It is an instant download so you can get started right away.

This is a monochromatic Slashed Squares quilt. These blocks are 14" square.

This is another Slashed Squares quilt.

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