Not Yet Finished...

These are quilt tops I have finished, but have not yet been quilted.

"Early Autumn" has 81 trees and 91 different fabrics.

Not Paper Pieced, 2019. You can learn how to make free pieced letters using my tutorial, available here.

The Garden of Our Imagination, October 2020. An Asterisk quilt.

This is the Fourth of July quilt. It's a Zebra variation.

This is Stairway to Heaven, a wonky Rail Fence based on Sujata Shah's book Cultural Fusion Quilts. I took her Rail Fence idea and blew it to hell.

This is Black Abacus. It's a Scrap Slab Triangle Quilt. I have a tutorial for these.

This is Yakkety Yak, a bird quilt using my tutorial, which you can get here. The birds are different sizes. There are big birds, tall birds, baby birds and teenager birds. They are all some shade of pink. It was great fun to do.


suzanprincess said...

I've been entranced by your slab triangles since the first post, and love what you've done with them. I appreciate how you've shared the process with us, to the point that I've stashed all the relevant posts in a file to serve as inspiration, because I want a Fruit Loops of my own!

Unknown said...

Enjoy the tree one a lot. Love the colours and the shapes. Would love to know the measurements for the blocks.

Unknown said...

I love so many of your quilts and I totally organized my sewing room and fabrics thanks to you! I'm planning a fruit loops and then a bird quilt. Thanks for the patterns. I was also wondering if the tree quilt is pieced or applique. So pretty. It might be after the birds!! After all, the birds will need somewhere to nest.