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Thread: The grey thread I use is Presencia 60 wt cotton thread, color # 352. It is a 3 ply 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton. I buy a cone of 4882 yards. One cone lasts me about a year.
My sewing machine: It's a Brother Innovis NX-450Q. It's an embroidery machine. It has a thread cutter, a knee lift and it has a needle threader. I got it second hand and I just love it.

I do NOT do my own quilting. I "quilt by check" which means I send my quilts away to be quilted.

Pins: I use Dritz Ultra Fine glass head pins. They are steel, so I can pick them up with a magnet, and they are very fine, which I want.

The problem is they are so fine they get bent a lot. I buy them five or six packages at a time.

Irons: I use steam when I iron so I don't spend a lot of money on them. I buy inexpensive irons every couple of years and don't feel guilty about it. I drain the iron when I'm done using it, which extends the life a bit.

My cutting table is a drafting table. The top can be angled so it's easy on my back to cut. I bought a large top for it, and it's 37-1/2" x 50". It's nice to be able to lay out a full yard of fabric and still have room on either side to work. I bought an extra large cutting mat and cut it down to the size of the table. It's held in place with big clamps.

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Judy in Michigan said...

Just a side note, I bought a T-Fal iron at WalMart for $50 and I love it!!! I gave up on all the $$ ones and my $20 iron didn't have enough heat. This new one is great - lots of steam, a bit heavy, heats up quickly, and gets hot!!

Pat said...

I have a pricey Panasonic cordless steam iron. I wish it got hotter but I'm willing to sacrifice the heat (and the price) for the joy of not fighting with a cord. :D