Slashed Squares Quilts

Since I made the first Slashed Squares quilt way back in 2007, I've made it several times since, and each one is different.  I thought it might be fun to see them all together. You can find a tutorial for this quilt here.

Scrappy Slashed Squares, December 2007

 This is the very first (and so far the biggest) Slashed Squares quilt I made. It is 6 rows by 7, so it is 84" x 96". I gave it to my friends Tracey and Matt, who lay it crosswise across their king sized bed. It isn't quilted, just tied, but they live in Southern Maryland, where it is hot and sticky all summer long. This quilt is perfect for those hot nights.

Doll Quilt Swap 5, October 2008
 I got into making "arty" quilts when I joined the Doll Quilt Swap. For DQS5 my partner said she would give her quilt to her four year old daughter to play with, so I wasn't going to make anything fancy or involved. This quilt is made up of nine mini Slashed Squares blocks.
Sunshine, August 2009

My son asked me to make him a yellow quilt for his car. When I asked "Why Yellow?" he said he wanted "A quilt of Sunshine", so he could use it on picnics with a girl, or when he went to the fireworks or the beach. After I got started, he asked if I could make it bigger, and then eventually decided to use it on his bed. The quilt has never gone on a picnic, or to the fireworks or the beach.

Lap Quilt, 2009
In 2009 I was making a kitty quilt for a customer in the UK and she asked if I could make a coordinating lap quilt so I made a small slashed squares quilt. I did quilt it, but I never took a picture.

Astrid's Quilt, October 2010
 In 2010 Astrid, from Vienna Austria, wrote to me and asked if I could make a quilt for her dark red sofa. She wanted intense colors and creams, but no pink. I selected fabrics, and sent her swatches, along with my design idea. She approved everything. When I sent this photo to her the same day I shipped the quilt to Austria, she wrote back and said "I'm not sure. It isn't what I was expecting." Since there was nothing I could do as the quilt flew across the ocean and Europe, I wrote back, "Wait until you unpack the quilt and see it in your house. If you don't like it, we'll work something out."

Three days later she wrote, "It's here, and it's beyond perfect. This quilt isn't going anywhere."

Grand Prismatic, November 2016

One day I was talking to my friend Julie and I said I was thinking of making a black and white slashed squares quilt. "Oh, I think that's a great idea," she said. But when I looked through my stash I realized I needed to buy black and white fabrics. I placed an online order, and then while I waited, I decided to make a Slashed Squares quilt using bright vivid colors. I started cutting fabrics on 16 January in 2016 and completed the flimsy eight days later on 24 January. (I tell you, this quilt goes together FAST!)

Terrazzo, September 2017
I started cutting the pieces for this quilt in February of 2016, completed the top a few weeks later, and nine months later made a pieced backing for it using double sized blocks as well as half sized blocks.

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities with this "pattern."

 Here's an entire scrap quilt made of "mini" blocks.

This is "Goose Rocks Beach," made with creams, browns and blues.


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CatWallace said...

Love that you put all the pictures together of the different quilts which used the same block. Helps me as a beginner to visualize the effects of different fabrics. Such variety from the same block, and your quilts keep getting better over time--which is amazing because they were good from the start. :)