Quilts & Their Owners

I love seeing the way folks who receive a quilt as a gift wrap themselves up in it right away. There is such joy on their faces, and I like to capture that moment, so here are a few of my favorite photos of "Sheer Love Units."

My friend and long arm quilter Janet-Lee with All Together Now. Yeah. I think she likes it!

 This is my pal Julie and GLORIOUS, our diamond collaboration quilt.  I can only imagine how excited Julie was to unwrap this quilt and see in real life something she worked on, but could only see in pictures. Her face tells it all. She is one happy quilter!

This is my DDIL's mother and the quilt I made for her, "Jewel Box."

  This is my DIL and my granddaughter with the Digital Pinwheels quilt. This quilt was taken under the Manhattan Beach (CA) pier.

This is The Grand Prismatic with my friend Valerie.

 This is my granddaughter with her quilt, Blue Topaz.

 This is my nephew with his quilt, Lighting in the Night Sky.  (I think he likes it.) My sister tells me he sleeps in it every night, "wrapped up like a burrito."  What more could I ask for?

This is my friend Daniela with Ola Pola.

This is my niece with Diamond Jubilee.

 This is Diane with her Rail Fence quilt. She's got the back of the quilt facing up. Diane is fighting cancer and the quilt keeps her warm during her treatments.

One of my "fairly oddkids" with his quilt. (I'm an Honorary Auntie.)

My cat Millie believes she owns all my quilts, and makes sure they all get her "seal of approval" before they go to their new owners.

My son and his then girlfriend (now wife) with the Spools quilt.

When I was making it, my Mother, an artist, said of the Sunburst Rainbow quilt, "Lynne, nobody cold appreciate that quilt as much as me, so you have to give it to me." Well. I only have one Mom, so I did!

This quilt, Magic Happens, was a collaboration between (l - r) me, Julie Sefton and Chris Ballard.I love this quilt so much it lives on my bed.

My sleeping son with his cat Obi-wan on the Petals quilt (and underneath that is the yellow Sunshine quilt I made him several years ago.) 

The Goose Rocks Beach quilt for a good friend gets a big smile!

My granddaughter and Parade of Zebras


Guess who loves her Dino Diamonds quilt?

My son and his cat with Magic Carpet.

Wavelength now lives in Mexico with Patty.

The very famous Selvage Fairy with Dark Majesty. Can you tell she is happy?

And sometimes it doesn't even have to be your own quilt to feel magical.


Marina Louw said...

Awesome memories! Lesson for me - take more photos of my quilts and the people I give them to.

Unknown said...

Hi Lynnne,
A long way from Newmarket and making placemats that NH league didn't like. I wondered what had been happening in your life. Glad to see your quilting has so evolved and continuing to do so. I live with Ginna and her family in Virginia now. I am a fabric collector and quilt dreamer. LOVE all the colors.
Meg Terreson