Wednesday, March 15, 2023



I'm in New England, and we got hit hard with a Nor'Easter on Tuesday. I elected to work from home, which was smart as the roads were just terrible. As it happened the powers that be decided to close the plant at noon because travel was so treacherous. So I got a real live Snow Day. I was glad I had sewn the binding on the Crowing About It quilt, because it meant I could sit on the couch and sew while I "watched" the BNP Paribus Open on TV. But then I started to fold the binding over I realized that I had not added a hanging sleeve to the quilt. OOPS!

I rummaged around the bin with the leftover backing fabric, and pulled out this, measured it all up and made the hanging sleeve.

Then I had to unsew the binding from the top edge of the quilt, slip the hanging sleeve between the binding and the quilt and pin it in place.

But before I could pin the binding over to the front of the quilt I heard a big WHOMPH!

A branch from a tree had broken and as it fell it brushed against my house and one end landed at the edge of my roof. It had been slowed down by the bushes nearby but it was still startling.

I pinned the binding over to the front of the quilt. NOW I am ready to sew it down.


Ruth said...

What a fun project on such a snowy day. Glad that branch wasn't larger.

Cherie in St Louis said...

Wow, that was scary but so fortunate that you didn't get any damage! I'm guessing you had a burst of adrenaline energy after that happened. The binding is so perfect for the keeps the light feel of the quilt yet adds sparks of color, perfect.

Just Ducky said...

Small enough branch not to cause much, if any damage. First thing mum inspects after a big storm or lots of wind is for downed tree stuff.

Happy sewing.

Georgett said...

So glad the tree limb didn’t come thru your window. I enjoy reading you blog so much I am thinking of starting one about my quilting and cooking… I don’t have enough to do! And I’m retired. Thankfully no snow in Alabama.

Linda Swanekamp said...

So glad it was not worse with structural damage. Hopefully, there are not more branches attached to the tree that are not damaged or dead. Nice to finish a quilt and celebrate it,

Quiltdivajulie said...

Glad the branch went where it did -- bet that was indeed a big WHOOMPH. Too funny about the sleeve (not).

Poppy Q said...

Glad you're ok. I love this quilt!!