Sunday, March 19, 2023

Feeling Virtuous


You all know how much I like to cook. I made chicken stock the other night. When I roast a chicken I cut out the back and flatten it out. I save the backs, necks and wing tips in a bag in the freezer until I have enough to make stock. This time I actually bought a small chicken and cut it up before I threw it in the stockpot with potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, parsley, a parsnip or two and some salt and peppercorns. I pulled out the chicken breasts after about half an hour, so I have nice meat for sandwiches and salads for my lunches. Then I let the rest of it simmer for about four hours. I put it in these plastic containers, and then stuck them out on the porch to cool down overnight. I knew the fat would rise to the top and congeal, and the next morning I brought them in the house, skimmed off the fat, put the covers on and labelled them, and then put most of them in the freezer.

I felt very virtuous. After I did that I sat down and did my taxes, and have a refund coming. Lucky me.

I ordered a stack of fat quarter packs from the Portsmouth Fabric Company. They arrived and I ran them through the washer and dryer and ironed them while I "watched" TV. My housework is done and the bills are paid, so on Sunday I get to do whatever I want. 


Just Ducky said...

Ducky spies ducks! Woohoo on getting green papers back, mum did too.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Our taxes are pending at this point. I see some really fun pieces in those new fat quarters!