Friday, January 28, 2022

Baby It's Cold Outside!


When it's this cold (the top number is the temperature outside) my studio is an uncomfortable place to be, so I haven't been in the studio for a couple of days. (That's -18.7C)

It'll warm up, and I'll get back in there.


Nancy J said...

Too cold, years ago with a much older Bernina, it was not sewing so well, I had it in the room downstairs, and it was winter. No idea how cold, but the technician said the oil would thicken in the icy weather, so bring it upstairs where we had heating.It ran perfectly. Remember, if you want to make home made ice cream, just leave it in the freeze room!!!

Poppy Q said...

My goodness thats too chilly for us. Were aiming for 25 deg C here today. Shorts,tshirt and sandal weather.

Jeanne said...

hope you do not too much snow tomorrow ...was living in Manchester in the great storm of 1978