Monday, October 25, 2021

The Beauty Shots


Cats live in our world, but most of us know that's an illusion. (Cat owners know we live under their control/training in theirs.) After I wrote yesterday's post I got ready for bed, and where did Millie go?  Yeah.

This post is about Beauty Shots. Megan, my friend from Sydney Australia, would say the photo above is the perfect beauty shot. But Megan is biased. She loves Millie. (The feeling is mutual. Millie loves Megan too). I think a beauty shot should be a beautiful picture of the quilt in question in a setting that shows of the quilt to its best advantage. Outside in natural light is best. The point is to see the quilt in all its glory. Like most things, it is harder than it looks.

First, you need a good location. You want something big enough to hold up the quilt. This gate to the community garden meets that requirement.The photo above show that you need a bit more than that.

Secondly, you need good light. Good light will show off the colors of the quilt (yet not be too bright so light colors get lost) and the quilting, but not so extreme that all you can see is the quilting and not the patchwork. This photo shows you need something else though.

The third thing you need (aside from clamps, a step stool, a camera and/or an assistant) is a calm day. Wind is the enemy of beauty shots. A quilt of any size, displayed outside is nothing more than a potential sail. Clamps or weights can hold a quilt in place, but Mother Nature is unpredictable and stronger than anything or anybody. 

Just as in quilt design, I'm a big believer of taking advantage of every opportunity. In this case, the wind has flipped the quilt over so you can see the backing. 

The last thing you need is patience. Once I figured out the garden door OPENED, I re-positioned the quilt and then kept taking pictures. That's the most important thing. KEEP TAKING PICTURES. Sometimes you don't know until later that you took a perfect photo. Wayne Gretzky said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." 

Sometimes you know as soon as you take it.


(I kept the last photo full size, so you can click, and then click again to see all the details of the fabrics and the quilting.)


Poppy Q said...

We love when miss millie gives your quilts her blessings. It makes it extra special. Loving the colors in this one Lynne.

Julie and poppyq

Megan said...

I saw the post heading and then I saw the pic of Millie on the quilt and thought to myself, "Yep - that's a REAL beauty shot!"

So, you know me well (or I've become very predictable! LOL)

A beautiful cat on a beautiful quilt - no need for those outdoorsy shots at all.

Sydney, Australia

Louise SS said...

That is one beautiful quilt! I love how you get all the blues to play together.

Just Ducky said...

Yes, Miss Millie makes the best beauty shot. Purrty quilt too!

Peggy said...

I really did need to know this information, I’m so impatient he Iomega to taking those beauty shots, Hakodate much!

Quiltdivajulie said...

One of my favorite Millie photos of all time. And the quilt is pretty grand as well. That garden gate is such a cool spot for beauty shots!

Linda Swanekamp said...

I get very frustrated taking photos of quilts outside. I love the look of them when they go right. Battling wind and fleeting shadows drive me crazy. Most the time, I give up and photo it on my design wall with my umbrella lights. Gorgeous quilt you have there!

Ann said...

Millie looks great. I'm with Linda. My outdoor shots are disasters. Ah, well. Yours looks wonderful in the light.

Dorothy said...

I totally second what Megan said. Millie + quilt = beautiful :-)