Sunday, October 17, 2021

Binding x 4

I've cut and prepared the binding strips for four quilts.


Here is the binding for The Pink Panther. I'll be picking up this quilt from the long-arm quilter later today.

This is the binding for Allegretto, which I'll also have later today.

Here is the binding for Deep Space.

Here is the binding for P's quilt (quilt needs a name). The fabric is an ombre, and I sewed the dark ends together and the light ends together so the print will go from light to dark to light all the way around the quilt. I'll be bringing this quilt to be quilted today.

Once I had all the bindings made, I added the binding to the Deep Space quilt.

I like to fold the binding over and pin it all the way around before I hand sew the binding down.

So THAT's what I've been doing lately. I have a lot of hand sewing in my future...


Nancy J said...

Beautiful, gorgeous fabrics, and lots of hand stitching ahead.

Barwitzki said...

It will be a wonderful blanket ... I am amazed by the beautiful fabric samples :-))
Yesterday there was a very large fabric market in our city on the Altmarkt ... you would have been just as happy as I was :-)
I'm starting today with a little quilt for a bag.
Greetings to you and have fun and success for you.

LynneP said...

The quilting on Allegretto is fabulous. Do you know the name/designer of the quilting pattern. I would like to buy for my longarmer. Thank you!