Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mask Making...

Like many quilters, I am making masks. Yes, this one is for my granddaughter.

All masks, no matter what style, need ties. I make mine with this Clover binding tool. I cut a 2" strip, feed it through one end, and then press it, like so. Each mask needs about 60" of ties. So I started out by cutting strips of leftover backing.

Then I got smart, and pulled this bin down from where it lives on top of the bookcase that houses my stash. Long time readers know I made 200 kitty quilts many years ago. I needed binding for them, and kept all the leftover bits. (Because, I'm a quilter, and we save our bits.)

I pressed the ones that were very wrinkly.

Then fed them through the sewing machine, to sew the edges together. I power sewed them all, one after the other.

How much do I have? I dunno, but I used an entire bobbin sewing these.

 And I only used half of what was in the box. I still have all these left to sew.

Here's the mask instructions I use.


Nancy J said...

nothing is ever wasted, and the mask is a beauty.

Pat said...

LOL! I was eyeballing my box of leftover binding bits yesterday. Love the mask.

Flo Nightingale said...

Do you mind sharing what pattern you used? Thanks!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Great use for leftover binding bits -- Little Miss will adore her dino mask.

Ann said...

A good use of your old bindings. Aren't we fortunate to have some parts almost ready to go.