Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Better, but Worse

It's funny, but in the world of "Art" it isn't the most perfectly executed stuff that gets all the attention. Actually it isn't "funny" at all. You have all heard me say more than once that I prefer my quilts to have some "verve" and a touch of real life in them. The "perfect" quilts that win awards shows generally have me groaning in boredom. Just because it's more complex doesn't mean it's better. Google Rodin's drawings to see what I mean. An effortless looking line drawing can be very spectacular, and let me tell you, it takes real work to make it look "effortless."

The more I worked on getting these blocks to flow into one another, the less I liked it. I kept looking at the first one and wondered if I had lost my mind. It just looked mushy.

After watching the last "Poldark" (gosh, can you remember when I gushed in anticipation about watching the first one?) I had been texting Julie and one of the things we both liked about the first quilt was that it looked like it was made from big overlapping diamond shapes. Part of what gave you that feeling was seeing the points of the diamonds at the top and bottom. I went into the studio and tinkered. What is in the photo above is the result, and I liked it better already.

 Yesterday I got home from work and before I made dinner I went into the studio to take a look at what I had on the wall. I moved one piece, then another, and another. Two hours later (!!!) I think I had moved all but four or five pieces (and some that don't look like they moved went on extended tours around the quilt and ended up where they started). I like this better. I decided not to worry about using a print more than once.

It's also kind of funny because although I thought I knew where I was going when I started this, I really didn't, but I do now. It will probably change a lot before I am finished, but so what!!!

For Hubblebird, who asked, I use the Hex'N'More template to cut my big diamonds. I cut around one end, the flip the template over, align my edges, and finish cutting the diamond. And yes, I fussy cut the hell out of each and every one, then handle them very carefully to avoid stretching them out of shape.

I visited my dad in the hospital yesterday. I sat with him while he had dinner. "So what do you want for Christmas," he asked me as I kissed him goodbye. "Dinner with you," I replied. "And not here!" He grinned. Still no answers. He'll have more tests today.


Hubblebird said...

Thank you for sharing Lynne. Looks like I can buy Hex n More Online in Australia too! I'll certainly be doing that.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Really liking what you have got going. I was wondering how you cut the diamonds. Glad your dad is resting and hope he gets out of the hospital soon.

Ann said...

I can see how the template helps you place it precisely on the fabric. Thanks for the information.
It's interesting to watch your quilts develop. I like the way four diamonds make a larger purple one on the left and the way it comes and goes against the other diamonds. You must be having a wonderful time moving the fabric.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It's looking a lot better now. I loved the part about how some pieces went on extended tours around the quilt and ended up where they started. I can so relate to that!