Sunday, May 19, 2019

Parade of Zebras, Quilted

It's always fun to pick up a bunch of quilts from the longarm quilter.

I love the way Janet-Lee quilted it.

It's so cool.

I have chosen the fabric on the right as the binding for this quilt. I think it's going to look great. 

I'm pretty sure I know where this is going to live when it's done. Actually that isn't true. What I REALLY mean is that my DIL loves this quilt and when it's finished it will be flying across the country to live in the City of Angels to live with my DS, DIL and granddaughter.


Dorothy said...

Loved it from the beginning and the quilting makes me love it even more

karenbbsnow said...

Stunning quilt! Love those colours and the design.

Cherie in St Louis said...

Isn't it the best when a family member falls in love with a quilt? It is such a thrill to gift it, knowing it is treasured :)

Quiltdivajulie said...

I agree with Cherie -- when a family member ASKS for a quilt, it's just the best!