Saturday, May 25, 2019


Forty years ago, I bought this sliced stone wind chime when I visited Yosemite National Park. I've re-threaded it at least twice in that time, and it's always hung in my home. I like wind chimes, but I can't stand the tinny ones that sound more like noise than music.

When I bought this house almost four years ago, one of the first things I bought for it was a wind chime. But not just ANY wind chime. I had heard about Woodstock chimes, that were musically toned. This one is Chimes of the Earth. (You can click the link and hear what it sounds like.)

I hung it up under the carport, hoping the breeze passing through would make it sing, but it hardly ever did. I bring it in the house for the winter, and put it out every summer, hoping.               

I was cruising through Amazon one day and saw this chime selling for about ten bucks. I thought it was pretty, so I bought it and hung it in the studio. I bought it more because of the way it looks, not for the way it sounds.

Last year I bought this Seashore Chime, and put it by the back door near the studio. Alas, I don't hear this one much either. I'm too chicken to hang these chimes in the out of doors because I am worried the rain and strong winds will damage them. And because I don't really want to piss off my neighbors if they make noise all the time.

This year I decided to gift myself with another chime, and then I got a bit carried away. I bought this unusual chime with square tubes. It's the Amethyst chime, and I hung it out on the front porch.

This tiny chime is called Piccolo and I thought it was cute as hell. This one is more of a decoration.

But then I found THIS! It's the Chimes of Venus, and it's taller than I am! Not only that, it has the most glorious sound. When you click on the link of this one, the sound you'll hear is when you whack it, but when the breeze blows softly through it, THIS makes such a wonderful soft gong sound that just sort of simmers in the air. It's not big and brash (although I imagine it would be in a stiff wind), but this I hear when I'm in the kitchen cooking, or at the dining room table eating, and I can hear it gently singing at night while I lie in bed.

I mean, there's more to life than just quilts.


Quiltdivajulie said...

I love the set of chimes you gave me for our back porch - such gorgeous tones. Good for you for indulging another of your passions.

Rebecca said...

Love how the last chime is "not to hot not to cold but just right"
and how you can here them in the background of your kitchen and your bedroom.

WE get very few breezes here...what we get is "WIND" so I am looking for just the right set for my front door.

Mickey's Musings said...

Chimes are often quite nice.
My sister had a set that had a low melodic sound.
It was calming.
I like your Chimes of Venus.
Nancy and the kitties

Curlygaga said...

What a special treat this was this morning to have with my coffee. Loved hearing all the different chimes.
I am not far from Yosemite, I hear it is especially beautiful right now because of all the rain this year. Maybe, I should go take a look, for a chime that is! lol

Pat said...

I love chimes, especially Woodstock chimes. Alas, I've had to give up on them as it gets SO windy here at times that it just tangles everything into a complete mess. Certainly enjoyed giving yours a listen.

Robby said...

This post brings good memories. My dad used to make wind chimes and I grew up hearing them regularly during the warm weather months. Alas, i live in a place that is too windy for chimes now, like clanging and blowing down wind. But a lovely memory.

Dee W said...

My husband was not a fan of windchimes. When he died suddenly last fall, I got 2 sets of windchimes from his friends! We all laughed hysterically, we could just hear him say how much he didn't like them!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Once I visited Kentuck's Knob, a FLW Grand Usonian home. The current owner is a rich British lord and he allows to public in and to walk the grounds. On the grounds, I heard such marvelous chimes. I found out that he installed sculptures by Harry Bertoia, an incredible artist who invented the Bertoia chair and made wonderful sculptures that he called sonambient sculptures. Check out the videos on youtube for the sounds. His chimes are marvelous.

Just Ducky said...

Mum likes windchimes and doesn't mind hearing the naybors or our own. She even a couple inside! If I go through the pass through from the kitch-hen to the dining room I set them off!

Mary Ellen said...

I love chimes, too. My favorites are bamboo and the soft sounds they make. I have found the large chimes don't sing much on their own as they need a stuff wind to move the heavier tubes.

rondiquilts said...

I love this post. Beautiful. I never had chimes and didn't grow up with any. When my Father died in 2017 friends gave me a set of chimes. They are large and heavy and rarely chime. I guess due to the size and where they are located. They sound almost like a whisper, you have to listen close and then you realize its the chimes upi are hearing. When I take the time to stop and listen its like I need to catch my breath for a moment and listen. I'd like to think its my Father trying to get my attention and let me know hes always here with me.