Monday, May 27, 2019

Oh, Pin!

I can't remember if it was at my talk at the Monadnock Quilter's Guild or my last class at Quilted Threads, but somebody asked me if I pinned my quilt all the way around first before I started hand sewing it down or if I pinned one side, sewed it, then pinned another.

The answer is that my preference is to pin it all the way around first. Then I can just sit down and sew.

But not pinning it all around first has more to do with what's going on. Maybe I'm tired of standing (I mostly work standing up). Maybe there's something good on TV I want to watch (and I do a lot of my hand sewing while "watching" TV), maybe I'm just bored.

ANYWAY... I'm pinning AND sewing the binding on the Blu quilt. Yup. Kinda boring.

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