Thursday, May 23, 2019

Binding Blu

I decided I wanted a light binding for the Blu diamond quilt.

So last night I made the binding, and got it sewn on to the whole quilt.

Now all I have to do... ("all", hahahahaha) is pin it to the front and hand sew it down. 

And if you think, "oh, wasn't she lucky, the binding doesn't cover the points of those diamonds," think again. It's called p-l-a-n-n-i-n-g.

Every time I bind a quilt, somebody has a question. I put all my answers in my tutorial, available at my Etsy shop. It includes all my tips and tricks to get your bindings to look like mine. It's basically everything you ever wanted to know about putting a binding on a quilt. Including all the little things nobody tells you.


The Selvage Fairy said...

I love that binding fabric. So spring/summery.

Dorothy said...

And I wish it was coming to my house---"sigh"-- :-)

Ann said...

The light binding is lovely. I see it matches some of your large diamonds. Good planning.

Linda M said...

The binding fabric looks so good with it. You have a great color sense (winks).

Robby said...

Good planning. The secret ingredient to many things in life.