Friday, September 21, 2018

A Discovery!

While at Mary's last weekend, she gave me a tour of her sewing area. All along one wall were stacks of big plastic bins. There had to have been at least two dozen of them. Mary said they were full of fabrics that have been given to her over the years.

"Too overwhelming for me," I told Mary. Then I saw the writing on one bin, "Black and White." I lifted the cover, and pulled out this swatch:

I decided I had to have it, but not for anything you can see in the photo above.

but for this! 

Now look, if you have always been able to buy anything with your name on it spelled correctly, this won't be special to you. But I could never do that. Growing up I never found my name on any of those personalized gadgets and gizmos for sale anywhere. I have had to correct the spelling of my name all my life. (Everybody leaves off the "e" at the end of Lynne.)

So when I dragged this piece of fabric out of that bin and held it up to Mary, we both laughed.

"I guess that belongs to you now," she told me.

So now it does.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Fun!! (and meaningful)

Mari said...

Tell me about it! Always a fun thing to happen upon a correctly-spelled name. What will you do with that fun little piece?

Vicki in MN said...

So fun going to a quilting friends house and seeing her stash! And fun for your friend that she was given so much. I love it when people give me fabric, LOL And then to find you name on a piece-you had a great day!!

abelian said...

And it has cats, and words! Love those little cats.

Melanie said...

I SO get looking for your name on those personalized gizmos/souvenirs. My name was not common when I was growing up and was frequently misspelled and mispronounced. As a result, however, I try to be very careful about spelling and pronouncing other people’s names. So cool to find your “Lynne” spelled correctly for you.

QuiltSwissy said...

Ah yes. Try living with Glenda. Nobody has ever heard it, they can’t spell it or pronounce it. And it is not on any of those spinners with names on it either. To make matters worse, my maiden name was Graci. No one could pronounce it or spell it either. A lot of people thought my front name was Gracie! Then to add insult to injury, my Evil Cousin was named when people call me l
Linda I think of her and shudder! I go by glen now a days.

Sharon said...

I still have some of that fabric too, and I have two pieces with your name on them. They'll be yours for keeps if you send me your address!

I never found anything with my name on it either. It was very sad. There's still not many Sharons around, but I meet one every once in a while.