Thursday, June 21, 2018


I find it so amusing - we ALL know when it's WRONG, and OMG, this geometric so totally was! It looked gold when it was next to the others, but up on the wall it was a sick green.


And although there are a lot of really beautiful big prints here, the dark ones just didn't fit.

So I cut some more of the lighter blocks, and this is looking OK. I think the tiny four patch diamonds will have to be bright yellows, oranges, maybe a warm red, and some blues and greens. We'll see.

More work ahead!


Galveston Gal said...

You are such an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your creative processđź’–

Jackie said...

I thought it was ok with the dark diamonds but when you exchanged them for the light ones, wow what a difference. I love it!

karen said...

That geometric deserves to star in its very own quilt. What a fabulous fabric.

Tammy Hutchinson said...

I hope this is the quilt you will be using to write the tutorial for a diamond quilt! I'm ready and I have questions, such as-when I find a big print that might work, how much should I buy? Or another way to put that-how many large diamonds can come from the same fabric? I think I know the answer-it depends on the fabric and the look you want. :)