Friday, June 22, 2018


I made a couple of test four patch diamonds. On the shelf, the not blue fabric looked cream colored. Here, against the silver of my ironing table, it looks decidedly gray.

BIG LESSON ABOUT COLOR: Colors change depending on what colors they are next to.

To wit: I like the blue. The gray / silver next to it.. not so much.  And I'm not thrilled with the cream of the red violet either.

Hmm. Guess I have to go shopping.

Oh gee darn.


Nancy J said...

Off to the shops, brilliant words. Any gal would join you in a flash.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Say hi to QT for me -- will you take some of your big diamonds with you for testing prior to purchase??

starsthatblaze said...

Thank you for this lesson about color. When you make test diamonds (or any other such combinations) that you decide aren't quite right, do you unsew them and use the "good" pieces? Or is the whole patch relegated to the "maybe someday" pile?