Friday, January 5, 2018

Working on Wavelength

I've started making the blocks for the Wavelength quilt. I started with the deep purple. I sewed while the snowstorm swirled outside. A snowstorm is nice because the light is bright white and even, so the colors in this photo are more "true" than the others.

Here I added some hot pinks. This photo was taken as the light was fading, so it looks a bit yellowish.

I added the acid green blocks.

Here I've added the half blocks on the very top and bottom.

I've got to make some dark blue green blocks, and more pinks and oranges, so this is still very much in flux.

I've read several comments about my collection of black on white fabrics. Here they are, all 43 of them, all different. I love black and white. It's probably my favorite color combination. (Every cat I have ever owned has been black and white.) So when I see a black and white fabric I like, I buy it. For these scrap slab triangle quilts, the more black and whites you have, the better off you are. When I teach this class, I encourage my students to swap with each other so they will have a bigger selection from which to work.

What do I look for when I buy these? I want a variety of prints - some dense and some sparse; some geometric, and some organic. Some large prints, and some small ones. What I try to avoid is a print that reads as grey, or a print that is equally black and white. I buy them on line, and wherever I find them.

I feed my stash, what can I say?

If you want to make a scrap slab triangle quilt like this one, you can get my tutorial here, at my Etsy shop. It's an instant download, so be sure to download it before you log out of your purchase.


Elaine M said...

Love the second picture, with out the green. For me, this has a crystal lattice feeling; highly ordered, forming quartz. Add a few more blues and scrapping W/W letting the color block shine.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I love the black and white, the slab colors- so much texture and tones.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Another beauty taking shape -- the feel of this one is very different and I like it!

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

It’s truly amazing how different each of your scrap slabs quilts look, with just a change in fabric placement. Thanks for sharing your system for choosing your black on white fabrics, I recognize three that are in my fabric inventory - and I love fabric with words!

sue said...

Take the black table cloth one and use that for October. Then make an Irish one for March

Millie said...

Dear Sue, Sorry. Not gonna do that. I am not Irish, so I feel no affinity to a green quilt for March. For me, March is the worst month. It is grey and cold and depressing. So black and white is perfect. October is a good month, with glorious fall color.