Thursday, January 4, 2018


I worked all evening on laying out the rest of the black and white side triangles, and came to a startling conclusion. That if I was going to go "there" I had to go all the way.

"There" was making the black and white side triangles an important part of the design of this quilt. If I am going to make those triangles do the wave, like they are doing now, I had to be willing to complete the pattern they make. This means the top and bottom edges of the quilt will feature half sized colored triangles.

Oh well. I am not interested in making the same quilt over and over again. I always want to push ideas around, and if I am going to do that, then nothing is sacred. I have to be willing to go the extra mile, to go past the edge other people can see, to break the often self-imposed rules we make for ourselves.

Now I get to fill the holes. I'm excited about that! I am in the path of the big snowstorm that is barrelling up the East Coast of the US. Our area is expected to receive between 8 to 12 inches of snow. I'm going to be in the sewing studio having a grand time. (Let's hope I don't lose power.)

These are the colors I will use to make the scrappy triangles that will fill in the "holes" of this quilt, which is tentatively named "Wavelength," unless my pal Julie, Champion Quilt Namer, comes up with something better.


B Timm said...

Planning on staying in too, already getting the snow thats coming your way here in Virginia !..

QuiltSwissy said...

#likingthis #notabird

Nancy J said...

you will be so glad to have fabric,a design, warmth, and hopefully power on all the time.Love those colours, that will be next.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Nope - not going to suggest another name - Wavelength is terrific!