Friday, November 3, 2017

Why Green?

You're probably wondering... Why did I choose GREEN for the binding of the Colorado Quilt? After all, the background of the quilt is white, and the backing is a light brown with gold.  So why choose a dark binding?

It's a good question, and perfectly valid.

Sometimes the reasoning for things is less visual and more emotional. Such it is with the backing and binding choices for the Colorado Quilt. P & J are very quiet, very reserved, very private people. They live where they live because it is beautiful and they live as one with the landscape that surrounds them. The colors for the backing and binding simply had to be earthy tones.

The fabric for the backing was a beautiful, yet subdued, organic design in earth tones - browns and golds. The flowers were a nod to J's work with flowers, and to the tones of the wood that my brother uses to build his furniture pieces.

Sure I could have used white, but the design needed to be contained somehow. Blue would have been too bright, as were Yellow, Orange, Red, and Purple. Gray would have been too dull and dreary, and the tertiary shades of the so-called "Civil War Prints" would not have worked well either. Plus I hate them. To me they are dull and dead.

Brown would have been OK, but we had brown on the back, and wanted J to be a part of the choice for the binding. Things that grow are green. While the high desert of Colorado is not as lush and green as summer in New Hampshire, my feeling of the area was GREEN, so green it simply had to be.

And yes, the binding is sewn on all four sides and attached to the front with at least six million pins spaced probably about three-quarters of an inch apart. I use a lot of pins. So what?


Suefosseen said...

I love it. Would like to see it in person. Ask P & J to bring it to HodgePodge store.

stitchinpenny said...

From the time you mentioned the color I thought it was perfect because of the greens in the barn and those I remember from hiking in the mountain. The dark is like the outline on a drawing giving definition to the subject. It was just right in my mind and you and I quite often have different sensibilities.

Ann said...

Glad to find someone else who doesn't use clips. I've always done it this way although sewn to the back. I'm going to try your front way next.

Nancy J said...

Beautiful choices, and lots of pins, why not? This is the treasure of a lifetime for P & J.

JL said...

I think it looks great...... an organic frame, of sorts.

Dee W said...

I've been watching this quilt from day one. WOW! I love that you share your "work", how you get to the conclusions you come to. I am a great one for color classes, your blog is a color class! And of course I'm in love with Millie. Great Job!

roth phallyka said...

It was just right in my mind and you and I quite often have different sensibilities.


QuiltGranma said...

Good job, and well done! Green is perfect for the birds to walk upon, and enclose as a finish.