Friday, December 9, 2016

Blue Triangle Slabs

I made more of the blue slab triangles last night, and decided to throw them up on the design wall to see how they'd look. Then I threw up some of the white side triangles. I really do like this layout, but I will have purple and maybe dark green in the mix too.

Since I'm a big believer of having something unexpected in my quilts, I decided to try a few of the leftover reds from Fruit Loops.  These reds tend to be warm reds, and I would prefer they be cool reds, but you get the idea.

I called the sewing machine guy and we talked a bit. I told him the thread cutter wasn't working every single time. "What's really weird though, is that when it doesn't cut, it's the BOBBIN thread that doesn't cut. The top thread cuts consistently."

The guy said, "Now that's good information. I had a machine that did the same thing, and I had to call the manufacturer, and they said to replace the bobbin race**. When I replaced it, it worked fine. So I will order a couple more and call you when they come in. I'd like to work with your machine for a couple of days, so don't bring it in until I call you. That way you won't be without it for too long."

Now the needle threader won't work, and I think that's just an adjustment. I did some sewing on some heavy stuff last weekend and it may have knocked it out of alignment. I will replace the needle and recheck my settings before I bring the machine back.

I haven't finished sewing the binding on the pink quilt, and that has to get to California by Christmas. If I have to surrender my sewing machine for a few days, it will force me to finish that, so it's fine.

** (I think that's the name for the little thing the  bobbin sits in)


Nancy J said...

those blues, with a half triangle for a tail,a row of little fish. Lovely splash of red, and the purples, that will be fun to see.

Dorothy Finley said...

I love it -- cool red, hot red -- I love it

Linda said...

I'm sure you have had this question before but I will ask again. What ruler do you use to cut your slabs?
Love these quilts.

Quiltdivajulie said...

They replaced the bobbin race on mine last time it was in for service -- it was just plain worn out he said.

QuiltSwissy said...

Bobbin race ......if it isn't the actual name of it, it sounds really cool, Bobbin race....I like that.....