Monday, December 21, 2015

Inspiration & Bird

You know I always go on and on about finding inspiration right under your nose?  Well I found inspiration for my next bird right on my refrigerator.

It's a photo of my son on his 7th birthday. He had lost all four of his front teeth so he wouldn't smile with his mouth open.  I thought it was the cutest photo, so I've had it on my fridge ever since it was taken (almost 29 years ago. EEEK!). Here's the bird he inspired:

I know all about this bird. He's curious, and loves Math and numbers. He's a 3rd degree black belt in Karate, loves music and can write programming code in 11 languages. He loves helping people, and he's very sociable. He loves to dance and sing. He has a heart of solid gold and he has lots of Attitude.

Can you tell?


suzan almond said...

I love your birds - especially this one, he's very special!I do however owe you an apology. I just noticed your objection to Pinterest AFTER pinning two images. I have deleted them from my boards. So sorry.

Megan said...

He's a superb bird, just like the chap who inspired him.

Keep 'em coming Lynne!

Sydney, Australia

Sandi said...

The boy has changed to a man, but the smile is the same in both pictures! Great smile, great bird.

Nancy J said...

And the black and white stripes with a dash of red, in every photo. Love that bird, a real cool dude.!!!

Browndirtcottage said...

No wonder you miss him when he's not around.....he sounds (and looks) wonderful!!