Monday, December 28, 2009

Test Line-Up

I've sewn the o-u-r together. The two words aren't sewn together yet, I set them on the floor to get an idea of how they were looking. I decided I liked the U the way it was.
Shelly, who is also in New Hampshire (we gotta get together!) commented yesterday that the letters almost looked cursive. YAY! If you look at the page in my notebook, and the page with my "Follow Your Bliss" writing over and over, you -might- be able to see why I have sewn the letters the way I did.

Yes, I am trying to mimic my handwriting somewhat. I want to keep the fresh feeling of my writing. I don't want the phrase to seem like a command, and I want the letters to flow as if they were written by hand. Looks like I have to tilt the Y a bit more, and move the first word so it tips up a little at the end.

As usual, I'm using a lot of the WOW background. I'm going to have to call my friends at Quilted Threads (the most awesome quilt shop in the area) and see if they can send me more!


Mr. Karate said...

such a great quote

Sharon said...

Your letters DO look like your handwriting! And I think your U is great the way it is, so I'm glad you decided to keep it. *grin* This is a wonderful project, and what a great thought to start the New Year with. Have a Happy one!