Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Binding for the Noel Banner

The Holiday Noel banner has been quilted and now I have to choose the binding for it. 

I ordered some fabrics- two were white with silver. This (above) is one of them. I knew I didn't want to use white, but this didn't stand out moe than the white.

This one didn't work either.

I had already discounted the candy cane fabric. Seeing it again didn't ring my bell.

I knew I didn't want a dark binding, but when you are experimenting, you shouldn't leave anything out.

I had originally chosen this red print on white as the hanging sleeve, but since nothing was ringing my bell, I had to see what this would look like.
I can't help myself. Even AFTER I have selected the fabrics I wanted when I shop online, I have to keep looking. Even though I had discounted a darkish fabric as the binding of the Noel banner, I ordered a yard of this red and gold fabric. As soon as it spilled out of the package, I knew.

I mean, the quilt is Red, Green and Gold. Those are Holiday colors for me, so the red and gold will be the one.


Nancy J said...

Yes, that's the one. Stunning quilting, this is a keeper.

Linda Swanekamp said...

The binding fabric is perfect for this quilt!