Monday, April 1, 2024



Woo hoo! March is over. I have put green pillows and the Greensleeves quilt over the back of the couch.

I put a green quilt on the table, and the fruit in a green bowl on the table.

I also replaced the cover on the little pillow on the red chair.

I have been keeping up with the Covid vaccines, and got the latest one on Saturday. It really knocked me out. I spent most of Sunday sacked out on the couch.

Which was really annoying, because I was looking forward to be a bit more active. In the last couple of months one of my medications changed and I had been wrestling with the side effects. I was exhausted every day. Late last week my doctor and I made a change and I was hoping to get back to "normal."



Nancy J said...

Love the greens. Medications can be so necessary, but, like you, I have so many side effects, some quite serious, all typed on a sheet with my tablet container, handy for paramedics or the ED staff. I was SO tired, one was reduced, another changed, keep on trying Lynne , until they find the magic combination. Hope is always a good start.!!!

Rootie said...

The spring decor is just beautiful. So nice to live in such a colorful, well made, environment.