Monday, October 2, 2023

Fourth of July Beauty Shots

A beauty shot of a quilt shows you the photo of the quilt so you get the whole thing, and to scale. This is a quilt that calls to ming the Fourth of July in New England. It's the first of October, and I don't live near the beach, which would have been an obvious setting. Still in New England, we have a lot of green, and this shows it.


Sometimes something happens you didn't see coming. When I was taking the photo below at the entrance of the community garden, the wind lifted the quilt right up. Which is funny, because the image on the back of the quilt is sailboats blowing in the wind.

The scene behind the quilt in these photos is a story about what has been happening in our community this summer. As you can tell, some power lines go through my community. This summer, the local electric
company has been replacing the wooden power towers with metal ones.

The gate where I've taken the photos is the temporary access road the electric company uses to access the towers you can see in the distance. We drive by this small turnoff every day and hardly seen it. I almost did, but then it registered in my head, and I turned around.

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