Friday, March 24, 2023

Nuts & Bolts


I am pretty sure this is the final layout. Now, when I actually sew these birds together, I will have to do some tinkering. I may shorten some bird legs, I may reduce the space between them, but I won't alter a bird. Getting these where they are required a lot of up and down on the ladder.

I sneezed.  Oops.

Fortunately I had taken and printed a photograph.

Then, to make sure I didn't do it again, I stuck the birds to the design wall with pins. This is going to take some time.

There will be set in squares, but I don't know yet exactly where they may be. this (above) is one of three attempts to work out how I will sew these together. I don't need to know how I will sew it all together before I start. I just need to know where I am going next.

This is the panel that goes in the upper right.

This panel goes in the upper left. 

I always knew I wanted the little bird to be directly underneath a bigger bird. To make that happen, I inserted  the little bird in part of the leg panel of a larger bird.

Putting 75 or so birds of different sizes together in one quilt where they aren't lined up in rows is fussy and tricky, but not really HARD. It just takes time, patience and care. It also takes a willingness to take chances and not settle for anything that isn't right.


Raewyn said...

Love love love! That's a very amazing looking flock of birds. A shame about the sneeze but luckily you were well prepared with the photo taken! I haven't started on my birds yet - it was to be this year's play project....maybe in the winter when the days are a little quieter! Have fun sewing them all up.

JustGail said...

Too bad about the sneeze, but at least you had photos to put the blocks back. It's fascinating to see how you figure out how to get all those different size blocks to play nice together.

Rootie said...

Thanks for diagramming your process. It's a lesson I can use.