Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Oh, the Might of the Tiny Pink Birds!


I'm having a lot of fun making small pink birds. Here is one I made last night.

This one is so tiny he can fit in my hand. (And yes, he is looking slightly UP for a reason.)

Here are two of the smaller birds on either side of a "standard" bird.

Here is another example. I want to add a lot of these little birds in the Pink Bird quilt. I want to add a lot more of them, and I want them basically interrupting every "adult" conversation. This little guy is placed so he will look like he wants his Mommy (?) to pick him up.

This is what is on my design wall right now. CLEARLY I have to make more birds. This arrangement of big birds hasn't changed since I put them up on my design wall weeks ago. I've just been placing the little birds wherever there might be space. Obviously this will have to change, and it will. I have a lot of ideas about what to do, but it's a good start, and once again I am energized to get into the studio and work!

If you want to make a few dozen birds (and believe me, you do), you can get my tutorial here, at my Etsy shop.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Love the birds, and I see that green one who sneaked into the flock.

Gail N said...

Maybe a baby flamingo?!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I adore the variety in this project! Sizes, shapes, types, and more. Keep going!!!!!!