Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Yard Sale


I've shopped my house for yard sale items.

I've done some research and priced items accordingly. There's room for haggling.

I've cleaned everything, so things are clean, and made sure electrical items work properly.

I moved stuff close to the door so it will be easier to set up in the morning.

I sure am glad I have a cart.

The Yard Sale Committee delivered the tables earlier, and I moved some heavy things out there already, and then covered them up. It's supposed to be hot tomorrow - 70F at 8 AM and rising to 90 by 2 PM, when this thing ends for the day. It will be the same hours on Sunday also. I've got a cooler that I will fill with water and ice and yogurt, in case I get hungry.

Balloons indicate which homes will be participating. I'm the only one on my short street.

I heard from participants last year that folks were looking for things like cast iron skillets. I hope that's true, because I have a few for sale.

We'll see.

I got all the black and colors scrap slab triangles up on the design wall. I really like this and am going to have some fun with it. One of the things I wanted to do was to flip this thing back and forth from black to white, so I may make some scrappy white triangles to fit in there.


Mystic Quilter said...

Good luck with the yard sale. The black slab triangles are looking great, all the little pops of colour coming through.

Peggy said...

I’ll take that crimson Fiesta ware pitcher!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Hope you sell most if not all of the things you've prepared for sale. And that you manage to stay cool while you wait for buyers. The best part of all this? You'll get your front porch back now that these things will be leaving the premises (fingers crossed).

Dolores said...

Good luck on the yard sale. It's always nice to get rid of stuff no longer needed. Love that quilt.

Ann said...

I hope the sale went well. We can't have them in our neighborhood so I just donate things. Your new slabs are interesting. The semi random layout is neat.