Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Last Call for Birds


This is the last call for birds made from my tutorial. 

Ronda's bird is flying my way as I write this, and that's the last one I know about. If anybody wants to send me a bird for my student bird quilt, you'd best contact me ASAP, because otherwise, Ronda's will be the last one I include. Email me at PatcheryMenagerie AT Gmail DOT com.

I've got to clean the studio and with the holidays, I probably won't get to it until after the start of the new year. I'm looking forward to it. 


Like many, I've been watching Peter Jackson's documentary "Get Back" about the Beatles. It's a hell of a long slog, but I couldn't stop watching. The thing that really strikes me is that creativity is hard work. That's no surprise to me, but somehow it was. The other thing that struck me was how fluid a piece of music is. We hear the song "Get Back" about fifty million times, and each time it's a bit different.

I've been emailing Marthe over the last few days because she was interested in my Early Autumn quilt and how that came to be. I went back and read all the blog posts about it, and the whole idea really hit home. Creativity is the same process no matter the medium. Some are static, and some aren't, but the process is the same.

You can get my bird tutorial here, at my Etsy shop. It's an instant download, so you can get started right away.


Quiltdivajulie said...

I gave up on Get Back before the end of Part I. Read an interesting piece in today's Washington Post about the documentary and how the public can never seem to get enough. I KNOW you will have fun with your student bird quilt!

Mari said...

I have the same reaction to the documentary, though I think it's really well done. I also agree with your insight about creativity being hard work. Sometimes it's a tough slog (and sometimes I want to take a scissors to every piece of fabric and start over) but it is usually a joy when it all comes together. Do you have any cake left to celebrate those birds coming together? :)