Sunday, June 13, 2021

Snapped Together


Once I had trimmed all the Snaps blocks to size, I took them off the design wall and clipped them together. After I worked out in the garden for a while, I came back in the house, and started webbing the top together.

This is sewing the first pass.

I pressed the first pass.

I made clam chowder for dinner, then started sewing the rows together. I sewed it most of the way, and thought I'd stop because I was getting tired, but I had only three rows left, so I pushed through and finished sewing the top together.

I think I said the other day that this is a quilt that will look better in use than it does on the design wall, and this picture, taken after I finished pressing the quilt, proves it.

At any rate, here it is, sewn up on the design wall. I'll bring it to show my dad later. Next I will have to prepare the backing, as I am sure he will want to give it to his friend sooner rather than later. I think I am going to call this one Flower Garden.


Deb E said...

LOVE this quilt top. May I ask for the dimensions of the center and side pieces? I'd love to make a few of these to donate, and this is a great quilt for both children, babies and adults. Thank you and I always enjoy your posts! Deb E

swooze said...

It’s pretty. I found your post showing the different layouts very educational. It really showed how much our personal tastes vary. What you disliked about one I loved and vice versa. I’m always amused by people asking which color or whatever they should use. They have all the information, including their personal preference or bias. When I respond to those questions I try to talk about the why of the choice. I enjoy your posts because you talk about the why a good deal.

Quiltdivajulie said...

THAT was quick (in relative terms). Such a pretty quilt top!

Kathy said...

This whole time I thought the quilt would be named Snapdragons, maybe 'cause mine are blooming with the same colors as this quilt! Gorgeous fabrics--great quilt!