Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Almost "It"


I'm pretty sure. I'm almost sure. I'm 98.999% sure this is IT. Of course I may yet change my mind, but if I do change something it will likely be something small.

I tried to divide the lights into "busy" and "not busy" and surrounded the colored blocks with rings of busy or not busys. After I thought I had that all set, I tried to make sure there weren't too many busybodys next to each other, and that "not so busy" ones weren't congregated in clumps either. After I did THAT I looked through it and tried to make sure the same print in a block wasn't right next to itself in the next block. The more prints you have in a quilt the harder this is. There are 81 blocks with two fabrics in each block, and I have about 100 different fabrics. I also try to ensure that animal prints and flowers don't consistently look right side up (because there really is no top and bottom to this quilt.)

For a generic quilt for a person I don't know a lot about, I think this is really pretty. It will look better when it is quilted and crumpled, but then, all quilts that are designed to be used, do.


Dorothy said...

looks pretty good to me, but then you are the teacher. Thank you

stitchinpenny said...

I love it. There is something that draws my eye too much for my comfort but as a photographer I know it could be a picture artfact. you did a wonderful job and your dad will be proud to gift this beauty.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Looks mighty fine to me. I agree about the crummpled and used- a whole diffrent dimension.

Judy in Michigan said...

Good job. I really like this and I'm sure the woman will too. Lucky ladY!