Wednesday, September 16, 2020

One Step at a Time


I know it doesn't look like much, but this takes a long time. All those pieces I showed you yesterday, what, something like 23 reds and a couple of pinks, sliced up into four bits each, arranged neatly ready for sewing. Some of them are set up to be two-toned, and some have their center pieces chosen. Not all, and I may yet change my mind, but still.

I did start sewing some of them, and because I wanted to finish some sooner rather than later, I just settled on eight sets to get going.


OH! You want to know my tongue-in-cheek working title for the asterisk tute? 

"Kiss My Asterisk"


Yeah, I know. That won't last. Somebody is bound to be offended. (Lynne rolls eyes!)



Rebecca said...

Love the "quilt name".
Hope you keep it.
Its seems so right for this year and its your quilt and your name.....

Joyce said...

Perfect name for YOUR quilt!

Deb E said...

I truly hope you keep the name - to heck with those who are 'offended'. We give entirely too much power to those sorts of people, and the world needs little chuckles here & there to get us all through these times! I have to make a quilt of these, how lovely it is...thanks for sharing! Deb E / CA