Thursday, May 28, 2020

I Got a Haircut!

My hair grows so fast I usually get a haircut every five weeks. Since the middle of March I would normally have had two haircuts. Instead, my hair looked like this:
and that's just from the front.
Here's the back. Look at all that hair!

So when my hairdresser called me a couple of weeks ago to set up an appointment I jumped right on it. AFTER she told me the rules... How I had to call her when I got there, but wait outside until she told me to come in. That there could only be five stylists and five customers in the shop at any one time. That I had to wear a mask and gloves. That every station had to be completely disinfected between customers. That there would be no blow-drying, not complimentary coffee, and on and on. I didn't have any problem with any of it. I was thrilled.

J has been cutting my hair for 30 years. So when I walked in yesterday, I handed her a check for the price of three haircuts, the one I was getting and the two I missed. I had been working, still earning money. She had been out of work. In that time I would have had two haircuts, so I felt it was fair.

It was so good to see J and talk. I told her I hadn't been this close to any person in over two months, and nobody had touched me in all that time until she washed my hair. I joked that by the time she was done there would be more hair on the floor than was left on my head.

Dunno if that was true, but here is an after photo. So now my hair is short and I am happy.

On the Tutorial front, I have been hard at work clarifying the things my proofing crew has felt needed help. I'm up to version 5 now. New photographs have been taken, and pages have been added. It is so interesting to read the comments. The beta testers have been reading through the tute, waiting for tools and materials they have ordered before getting to work.

Last night, one of my testers wrote to me.. "Lynne, I just did X and it didn't [come out the way I expected]." Read page 27, I wrote back. It explains. "Oh, yes! thank you!" was the reply I got a few minutes later.

Another tester, wrote to me, "unsolicited suggestion-this is one of those patterns that screams for a coloring page..." and I thought, oh holy hell! What a terrific idea. So I'm working on that.


Just Ducky said...

Mum hadn't had her head fur cut since late February. She got hers cut last week. Was so happy. Pretty much same rules, one client per stylist and mum gave her lady a healthy tip too.

Curious Carol said...

Delighted your post paid attention to our neighbors in the service economy, because many rely on tips.

Mari said...

Lynne, paying your stylist for your "missed" haircuts is a great, great idea. I think I'll do the same when I can get back in. Might help the salon stay open. Good luck with your tutorial.

Poppy Q said...

Our hairdressers are almost back to normal, just not as many people in the salon and a 2 hour limit on being there. We don't tip people here, they get paid pretty well, so the price is stated and that is what you pay. Our government also paid workers like hairdressers 80% of their salary while they were on lock down and my one said her boss topped up the remaining 20%, so actually they got paid for 6 weeks of being at home, while I went out and worked every day.

They are also now super busy with clients catching up on cuts and colour that they only have to work here 2.5 days a week and still earn the same money. Great deal for them.

Glad you got your hair cut. It must feel nice and fresh after weeks of waiting.

Tammy Hutchinson said...

I'm so glad you will follow up on the suggestion for a coloring page. I go to ridiculous steps to create a coloring page I'm happy about this! Thank you beta tester and Lynne.

Dusty Huxford said...

It has been three months since my haircut until I got it cut yesterday. Oh happy days. Looking good lady. Nice cut.