Friday, November 8, 2019

Moving On

What I didn't like about the layout at the end of yesterday's post was there were too many areas where the large and medium diamonds blended together into too dark blobs. Those dark medium diamonds had to go. I tried moving them to areas where the smaller ones weren't close to the larger ones, as you can see from the photo above, but I don't really like that either.

I also removed some of the large diamonds and replaced them. Some were "lone wolves" and needed another one to carry the design around, and some just faded into oblivion and had to go. I'll let you figure which ones changed. I also flipped some of the large diamonds upside down, because this quilt really doesn't have a top or bottom.

I can't overstate how many extra pieces I have for the diamond quilts. I'm sure I could make another one or two if I could get over my artistic tendencies and just sew stuff together willy-nilly. At any rate, I used the leftover four patch diamonds in the current layout more as placeholders than anything, and what I found out was that they were too dark and blah. This quilt is for a three year old girl so bright diamonds are required.

Fortunately I have this thing called a "stash," so I went through it, keeping an eye on the developing layout and pulled some colors and prints I thought would work well.

This allowed me to use my all-time favorite dinosaur fabric after all. This fabric is glow-in-the-dark and while it wouldn't work as medium sized diamonds, it will work perfectly as four-patch diamonds.

So while up to now the quilt has been go-go-go, now I am at slow, sew, sew as I made the estimated 60 - 70 four patch diamonds I need.

This is where it is right now and of course it will change another few times before I sew it all up.

To Rebecca and NeverBored and others who: 1. liked the pink fabric with the fawn and owl and bunny and fox, more on how I got on that tangent and 2. how I actually got started on this quilt and how "Just begin," became a mantra of mine, hold those thoughts. They will be covered in another post later.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Looking good -- and I'm looking forward to that promised post!

JustGail said...

Do you do all your deciding while standing at the quilt, or do you ever use photos taken during the process to make decisions about making changes or not? I'm asking because it seems sometimes the camera sees a whole different quilt than I do.

maria teresa said...

Che bello!!!