Thursday, November 21, 2019

Diamonds Dancing Like Demons!

I'm going to vent in a bit, so bear with me. I really do love being an artist and making quilts and making weird stuff, and pushing the edge of every design envelope I can find, but the going is rarely smooth.

I designed this, the first diamond quilt in one day. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Well, we all know where THAT leads. I knew there were some things that were not working in yesterday's version, and I thought it would be an easy fix.

 After dinner last night I went into the studio and started "tinkering."

At some point I figured out I was NOT making a colorwash quilt with giant prints. I was making a quilt of diamonds, that were part of bigger, overlapping diamonds, that blended in and out of each other, and to make that happen, I had to make you see their edges, so I did NOT want them to blend. So I had to move them. After a couple of hours I had this, and I thought it was pretty much IT.

Then I looked again. SH*T, I had that bright pink at the top left edge that stuck out. Had to fix that.

Rummage through stash. Curse.

OK! Ta-da! GOT IT! Then I looked at the picture above and I saw IT! The fly in the ointment. The block that JUST WOULD NOT sit back and relax. You can find it. It's the pretty one in the lower left, with the pink flowers. CRAP! I tried moving it to a couple of places, but it just would not play nicely with me.

A bit more swearing and fabric shuffling and I have this. YES, I know I have to fill that triangular space at the bottom, but that's not all that hard to do, and it can wait. The corner is now darker than I would like it to be, but I really am running out of unique big prints. Rather I should say I have run out. I don't really want to go shopping, because I can't take my design wall with me, and you never really know what will fit until you try it.

Now I can hear some of you already. "Um, Lynne. There's more dark space on the right. Your quilt looks a little off balanced."

Um, no. That vertical row of diamonds at the far right are the edge pieces. Those will be cut in half. Here's a "camera crop" to show you. And yes, I know the two pinkish ones at the upper left don't necessarily read as "diamond" shapes, but hey, there are at least 74 unique fabrics in this thing, and though I have a really good stash, it does have it's limits and I've pretty much pushed it to the limit.

So here are 74 Diamonds Dancing Like Demons.

Here's another funny thought. This quilt is made from scraps (really) and is made from one shape. So it fits the definition of a "Charm Quilt."



JustGail said...

Thanks for sharing the thought process on this, including whether you looked a photo or actual quilt blocks when deciding. I asked earlier about real life vs photos, because sometimes when i go back through photos I take at quilt shows, my camera saw a totally different quilt than I did.

The name of this one gave me a giggle.

Quiltdivajulie said...

GREAT (!!!) name for this one -- and you are right about that block that wouldn't play nicely.

Mickey's Musings said...

All that "tinkering" was worth it!
That looks stunning and so pretty!!