Monday, May 13, 2019

Hidden Surprises

You all know I love to add little hidden surprises in my quilts. I moved the snarky cat beside the P in PAPER, but had an empty space below him. I wondered if a bird would fit, so I tried this bird I had made earlier this spring. He filled the space nicely.

I wanted to repeat the colors of the QUILT letters, but I also wanted a bit of gold, to echo the color of the other bird, since I had removed the gold letters, I had to repeat that color someplace else in the quilt.

Yup. That works!

If you want to make your own birds, you can get my tutorial here, at my Etsy shop. It's an instant download so you can get started right away. These birds are made without templates, patterns or paper piecing.


Judy in Michigan said...

Looking good - better every day! I like the bird very much. I'm thinking you need a larger space between IS NOT. I admire your patience and dedication to perfection - in your eyes.

Quiltdivajulie said...

LOVE the little surprises -- and the new bird is terrific!