Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Student Letters

While writing Lynne's Liberated Letters tutorial I had a group of quilters behind the scenes. I called them the Beta Posse. I sent them copies of the tutorial as I was writing it, and they followed my instructions, made letters and then reported back to me with what worked and what didn't.

They were took their jobs quite seriously, telling me what they liked and taking me to task when I wasn't specific enough.

I had asked for Beta testers that didn't know anything about making free pieced letters, so the letters you see here (and will see over the next few days) are their first letters.

Now, their first letters are based on my very first set of instructions, which I thought were pretty good, but the Beta Posse told me they needed improvement. They told me what they wanted changed and in some cases, actually rewrote my instructions (and yes, those made the final cut and are in the tutorial itself.)

It was really fun to watch their progress. I presented instructions in groups of letters so whey wouldn't be overwhelmed, but right from the beginning I had in-process photos for ALL the letters, even if they didn't have any written text yet. They impressed my by tackling those too.

"Those pictures on how to make the R are so good, the letter practically sews itself," one of them wrote.

Well that made my day!  But if YOU want to see the pictures of how to make the letter R that practically sews itself, you'll have to buy the tute. You can find it here, on my Etsy shop. It's an instant download so you can get started right away. It has instructions for every letter in the alphabet, both upper and lower case, and it tells you how to make numbers. The tutorial also tells you how to line them up and join them into words, plus there is a Gallery of Letter Quilts. The tutorial is 106 pages long and has over 240 photographs and illustrations.

And happy birthday my darling boy. This was HIS first attempt at free pieced letters (and the use of a sewing machine). Like I tell my students, if HE can do it, YOU can do it!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Karate -- and kudos to your Beta Posse for doing such a TERRIFIC job!