Friday, March 15, 2019


Almost five years ago Julie visited me at my house, we went to see quilts from the Pilgrim & Roy collection at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, we visited the Zimmerman House in Manchester NH which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and we spent some time sewing this quilt. You can read about it here.

I gave the quilt top to Julie and she actually put  her clothes in a box to ship home UPS so she could fit the quilt top in her suitcase to take with her.

The quilt was quilted and Julie added the black and white piano key binding, but I had never seen the finished quilt. I asked Julie if I could borrow it to show at my talk to the Rising Star Quilt Guild on March 26th.

When I opened the box and unfolded the quilt I was struck by how beautiful it was.

"It's more beautiful than I remember" I texted Julie.

Her reply was a smiling emoji surrounded by hearts.

Julie and I even collaborated on the signature panel on the back. I made the letters and the numbers in the date, and she make the tall pink bird. I made the short blue bird. (I am shorter than Julie.)

By the way, the quilt's title, MHT2MEM means "Manchester to Memphis." MHT is the three letter abbreviation for the airport in Manchester NH (where I lived) and MEM is the abbreviation for the airport in Memphis, where Julie lives.


Ann said...

It's always a joy to revisit quilts with so many fond memories. And it's lovely, too.

Quiltdivajulie said...

And that "beautiful" quilt earned a second place Viewer's Choice award when I shared it at the Davies quilt show in 2014 -- clearly others love it, too. Have fun with it there in NH! (maybe an outdoor photo shoot if the weather cooperates)

Robby said...

It's a great quilt, and I can see the work of both of you in it. How fun to have such a great memento of your friendship.