Wednesday, January 2, 2019

So Do You Quilt?

This is SewGirl from California (and her husband.) Her real name is Nancy. I met Nancy several years ago when I was waiting at a gate in Boston's Logan Airport for my flight to LA. I was bringing my diamond ring to give to my son. I asked a lady if she could keep an eye on my suitcase while I went to the ladies' room. It was SewGirl. When I got back I pointed to the luggage tag she had on her bag. It was handmade. She was surprised as she said she didn't meet many quilters while traveling.

We got to chatting and I told her I made quilts and gave her my card. I also told the story of the "secret" I was carrying. I give my cards to a lot of people, but I'm pretty sure most get tossed. Nancy confesses she checked out my blog to see the kind of quilts I made, but mostly to see the end story of the ring.

That was in 2013, and SewGirl has been reading my blog ever since, and although she comments rarely, we are still in touch. I love hearing from her.

I love reading all comments and like it even better when I get to meet my readers in person.


Robby H. said...

What a hopeful and charming story to start a new year!

Linda Swanekamp said...

I have met a couple of my blogging friends, even briefly, and it was so much fun! Makes me wish we could have one big retreat together!

Sewgirl said...

What a wonderful way to start off the new year Lynn! Thank you for your kind words. You know I love most everything you make, but what I especially love is the way you walk us through your thought process. Such a generous gift from you and a wonderful learning experience for all who follow your blog. There must be a book in there somewhere!! Happy New Year to you and your sweet family.

rondiquilts said...

Love this post. Quilting has created several friendships for me and conversations with people I will never see again. I can not recall a time when I was in public with some piece of quilt related handwork that someone didn't approach me and want to talk "Quilt". Its like I am a "safe zone" and approachable. When my Mother was in assisted living residents would ask what I was doing if they weren't familiar with quilting, others would reminence about family members that quilted, they wanted to learn to quilt, they were curious, and maybe they just wanted to talk and someone to listen. I may have been the only interaction they had with anyone all day. I've been at Dr's appts., buses, sports activities, sitting at waters edge while husband fishes and 9 times out of 10 someone will approach me. I love that quilting gives me that open door to others.
Happy New Year Lynne,

Just Ducky said...

Mum swears she will get to New Hamster some day. Meet you and Miss Millie.