Sunday, October 7, 2018

What Does It Look Like?

Here are a few of the trees in my neighborhood that are in the process of turning red.

In another week, this tree will be all red and it will be quite stunning!

This is what it looks like driving around my area. Seeing all these trees that border the roads is one of the things that defines northern New England. To me, it means I don't know what's up ahead, around the corner. It's always a surprise. Out west, I can see for vast distances, but I don't feel as protected as I do in New England, where I am surrounded by trees.

I've sewn two rows of trees together. I want this quilt to have the feeling of being in tree filled New England. Driving around yesterday morning helped me to figure out what I want my tree quilt to look like.


Mary Van Kleeck said...

It looks like it’s coming together 😊

Linda said...

I like grouping the trees together, mixing the sizes and adding in more of the reds. What a difference from where you started. Not sure I have the same patience. More likely to finish it, give it away as a charity quilt and start something new. Your perseverance to make this work is a real lesson to me. Thank you for sharing the details of your process.

Melanie said...

The trees quilt is looking good. I, too, like the reds mixed in lightly with the greens. You sure have pretty trees in your area. Your note regarding trees in the west vs the east made me smile. I’m in Colorado and while I enjoy the mountains and being surrounded by trees, I’m much more of a “wide open vista” type of girl. Give me a spot on a hill where I can see 360 degrees and I’m happy as a clam. Aren’t we lucky to be able to choose where we live (for the most part).

jean f. said...

Since you like to be closed in by evergreens, you should enjoy western WA or western OR. Over the Cascade Mountains, on the east side we seem to be able to see forever!