Saturday, October 6, 2018

Building Trees

I've been making trees and moving some around. I've decided that I don't need TWO rows of trees at the bottom because I don't want to make an enormous quilt.

I've also started sewing some of these trees together, mostly as a way to remember where they go, but also to see what happens. I've moved the red tree back to the top of this triangular portion.

I like the tree blocks with the light backgrounds, but I am not sure how I can carry that off because trees aren't usually alone, and this is a quilt about trees plural, so while a light/dark contrast of trees might be one way of dividing this quilt, I'm not sure that's what this quilt is about, so I have to play around with how I transition from dark to light and then dark again. 

It's also hard because the quilt will be bigger than my design wall and I can't see the whole thing all at once.  I've got some errands to run and tasks to accomplish on Saturday, then I can go into the studio and make more trees (thanks Rondi) and see where this goes.

Overall I'm happy and excited, and I haven't been worked up about a quilt in a while, so this is fun.


starsthatblaze said...

This quilt seems to present several challenges for you, such as how to blend the light to dark backgrounds. I can hardly wait to see how you handle the center of the quilt. Perhaps an oval of leaves or shrubs, like the forest canopy?

rondiquilts said...

Welcome. Enjoy the weekend!


Quiltdivajulie said...

I like the lightest-background trees, too, but not necessarily in the context of this particular arrangement. This is to be an October quilt and there aren't many light color flowers in the mix any more - more golds and rusts and yellows. You'll figure it out - you always do.

Mickey's Musings said...

Now that is quite a collection!
I like watching you have fun with them :)
Nancy and the kitties

Bambi Pearson said...

Perhaps you add a small hidden cabin in the midst of the trees, just a thought-Haha. Your trees are lovely and I love the combination of colors.