Friday, September 7, 2018

Binding Project

You know how you lose a glove and keep the other for-ever, until finally you throw it out, and then a week or so later, you'll find the one you "lost?"

Well, AFTER binding five quilts, I decided that my next tutorial would be about quilt binding. I have lots of pictures I can use, but I need to take more how-to pics of my actual blind stitching. 

That meant I needed to make a smallish quilt and get it quilted. So I finished up some of my scrappy slab triangles and played around with the white and black side triangles. I'll get this quilted and then I'll take many photos of how I sew my binding down in hopes of getting some terrific how-to photos.

My plan is to tell everything I know about adding binding to quilts and how I do my blind stitching. You have to know that my hand sewing skills aren't the only thing that makes the binding on my quilts look the way they do. It's a combination of all the other little details that, added together, make my bindings look good.

How did I learn all this stuff? I've made over 310 quilts with bindings. That means I've made 310 invisible joins, and mitered 1240 corners, so Scarlett, yeah, I know how to get them to lie nice and flat.

I figure the new tute is a month to six weeks out!

By the way, if you like these scrappy triangles, you can get my tutorial here at my Etsy shop. It's an instant download, so you can get started right away.


Ann said...

How kind of you to go to this effort. I would love a close look at your method.

scarlett said...

You are so generous with your information. Your quilts are wonderful as are your tutorials. I am anxious to see tips on getting your flat corners. Thank you!