Wednesday, August 1, 2018


As I was sewing the blocks together I realized I would have a not symmetrical quilt. The bottom row would have quarter diamonds in each corner, but the top would have half diamonds. That annoyed me, so I went back to the stash and started digging. I pulled some darkish fabrics in the colors I thought I needed and cut some large diamonds, then went to the design wall and started tinkering.

MOST of the changes are in the top two rows, but there is one change along the lower right side.  I confess I haven't been spending as much time sewing this together as I probably should, but I have spent the last few evenings relaxing on the couch with a good beach book. I'll get it sewn up soon enough.

It isn't perfect, but hey, every single one of these 62 fabrics came from my stash. There are 65 giant diamonds, all are BIG prints, and 13 of them are left over from backings from various quilts. I consider that a big victory.  This quilt proves the value of a good stash. If you want to read more about my stash, click HERE.


Allison said...

I could look at this quilt for hours and then start again the next day. AND never get dizzy

Rieann said...

Beautiful quilt Lynne, never get bored looking at this one.always something else to catch ones eye.

Poppy Q said...

I live the subtle changes of color. What a beauty Lynne.


Quiltdivajulie said...

This quilt sings with joy!

Sewgirl said...

Beautiful as always, it is truly Splendid!!

Ann said...

It glows. What a wonderful way to use your extras.