Sunday, June 24, 2018

Road Trip

I decided at 9:00 Saturday morning that I would drive to the Vermont Quilt Festival.

Did I mention it's a three hour drive each way?  So after filling the car with gas and getting cash from the ATM, I set off about 10:45 AM.  Yeah, I know.

The show was great, but more about that later. I found Nirvana.

fabric display at the Portsmouth Fabric Company booth

Needless to say, I indulged, thinking about the Diamonds quilt I had on my design wall at home.

During the long drive up Route 89 to Essex Junction Vermont, I made some decisions about that quilt. I realized the quilt had to be approachable and "user friendly" and needed to be in some other color than autumn gold. I decided it should have a lot of blue and some greens. So I bought some giant prints in colors I thought would be suitable.

After a few hours I left the Festival, and started the drive home. While there I had had a late lunch, but I knew I was too tired to drive the full distance without stopping for something to eat. White River Junction Vermont is about an hour from my house, and I decided to stop there for dinner. But where?

"Hey Siri," I asked my phone, "Show me restaurants in White River Junction."

"I found a restaurant called Tuckerbox," she announced. "It has four star reviews and is reasonably priced. Would you like me to give them a call or would you like directions?"

I shook my head and growled. I wanted restaurants PLURAL, not a web-based recommendation. I am not a big fan of Siri. She tends to be a little bit dense. "Never mind."  But as I drove closer to the Vermont/New Hampshire border, I remembered dinner at two exceptional restaurants on Long Island NY when I attended a wedding there back in 2011. Both had been web-based recommendations. I'd give Tuckerbox a look-see. I figured I could always walk out if I didn't like what I saw, so as I got closer, I told Siri to give me directions to Tuckerbox.

As I approached the restaurant, I realized I had absolutely no idea what I was walking into. I figured it was a gastro-pub featuring big burgers and local beers.  Oh boy, was I wrong. Imagine my surprise when the tagline on the door said, "Turkish and Mediterranean Dining."

I sat at the bar (faster service) and tried to make sense of the enormous selection of mouth-watering options on the menu in front of me. Finally, I asked the bartender for her recommendation. "Well, the lamb shish-kebabs are outstanding," she said, "and the chef recommends you get them medium-rare."

I set the menu down, "Done and done!" I said, "I love lamb and I like it medium rare." A few minutes later and I was "tucking" right into a delectable meal, and I knew I'd be back. (Hey, it's only an hour from home.) Oh my goodness, it was GOOD!  When she put the plate in front of me, I didn't think I was hungry enough to eat it all, but I did. AND I had a piece of Baklava, which they make with Vermont maple syrup instead of honey.

Yeah. I was happy, and drove home invigorated. I threw my fabric in the washing machine and went out and did my groceries. When I got back home, I headed into the studio and got to work.

I started at the top and worked my way down.

By the time I went to bed, at midnight, I had this, and I am much happier. It may change, but I am more satisfied with this new direction.


Dee W said...

Wow! I love these new fabrics, but I am a Kaffe Lover. The blues/purples with the reds/greens are outstanding. I too was not enchanted with the golds. Pet Millie for me.

Allison said...

OMG, I wish I'd slipped a hundred into your wallet! Those are amazing. It will be fun to watch you play with these.

Robby H. said...

I always enjoy seeing your eye for fabric at work, but this feels much more up my alley. And sometimes, those web recommendations are pretty good. Glad yours panned out well.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Definitely moving in the right direction now. Glad you had such a great day.

Nancy J said...

blues, greens and purples of all shades and designs, my favourites.This is another wonderful way we see how your eyes view fabrics and choose the ones to go together so well.

Jackie said...

I thought I loved the last one but this one is out of this world beautiful. I have now realized how important it is to leave blocks in the design wall to stew.

The Selvage Fairy said...

The golden tones of Autumn are fabulous, but maybe not in June. Here in NH we have such a short spring and summer, it seems like a good idea to take advantage and celebrate spring/summer colors.

Mona Kelley said...

The blue multi fish fabric is so great! Good call! Who makes that fabric?

sharon said...

Love Portsmouth Fabric - the shop is amazing too...we were at the show Friday and Saturday AM - it was lovely.

sharon said...

I am guessing the fish fabric is part of the Kaffe Collective - Free Spirit Fabrics

Judy P. said...

I drove from Thousand Oaks to San Bernardino (California) to see the AQS show. It is about a 3 hour drive. As I neared the convention center, I saw a huge sign saying "Gun Show Today". Yes, the quilt show was the following weekend. So I had to go again the next weekend as I had six hours put in. Luckily, I was alone and didn't waste anyone's time but my own. But talk about feeling stupid. Anyway, I would totally drive to see the Vermont Quilt Festival, just not from California.

Millie said...

Wow. I’m pretty sure we’ve all done something like that. My son got married near Lake Arrowhead so I know where San Bernardino is. Been there, actually.